Modern commerce is very communication reliant, with several digital platforms that enable a company to operate, and as your business grows, so do your communication requirements. Then there’s the office, and let’s face it, without an office, your enterprise is unlikely to be taken seriously, and this has been the obstacle that many small businesses have been unable to negotiate. There are, however, affordable solutions that enable even the smallest of businesses to compete with the big boys, with prestigious business addresses in the heart of London, being just one of the services you can have.

  • Virtual Receptionist – If you would like all your calls handled by a professional receptionist, this is not only available, it is also affordable. The service provider would have many clients, with perhaps a single receptionist handling the calls for 4 or 5 clients, and that person would be located at the provider’s premises, yet would be fully briefed on your company and its activities, and would be ready to answer a call at any time of day or night. You can have affordable business answering services from Message Direct, the leading provider to UK businesses, and with a range of packages, there is something to suit every business.
  • Optimise Communication – This is the very heart of the virtual office service, as it allows you, the client, to decide what information is relayed, and to whom, and with a choice of media messaging, such as fax, SMS, email, or a call, any nominated party in your company will be instantly informed. Ask any business guru about effective communication and they will tell you such is its importance, that without it, the organisation can never operate at optimum capacity. The provider would have a service manager, whose job it is to liaise with you, and any important information you wish the receptionist to know, you simply contact the service manager, who will update the receptionist. This is handy if you suddenly decide on a special promotion, and by making the receptionist ware of this, they will be able to answer calls armed with this knowledge.
  • Project a Winning Image – Let’s be honest about it, any firm that has offices in the desirable part of the city is going places, and their customers will be suitably impressed, and should you wish to meet a client at your offices, this is easily arranged at an affordable cost, and with your company signage in place, a successful image is assured. All incoming calls will be instantly answered on your behalf by trained receptionists, and transferred to the relevant people, which means you could be on vacation in Scotland, and an important call to your London office can be instantly relayed to your mobile number.

These are just a few of the services on offer from a virtual office provider, and if you would like to know more, an online search will lead you to the UK’s biggest provider, who can really boost your business for an affordable price.